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Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Renter: The Renter agreed to use the Facility only for the Function as indicated, during the
    agreed upon Rental Period and The Rental Agreement may not be assigned, in whole or in part, by the Renter without the express written authorization of the Owner.
  2. The Renter must be a minimum of 18 years of age to book any facility of the Owner and the Renter is responsible for
    communicating terms and conditions to all participants as well as ensuring that adult supervision is provided during the
    entire length of the booking.
  3. The Renter acknowledges that the Bezanson Agricultural Society Facilities and grounds are privately owned and operated by the Bezanson Agricultural Society, by its volunteer members through its elected Executives and Board of Directors. Any consent, approvals or changes in terms, conditions, permission for use, availability, rental rates, additional charges or additional fees, or termination of the Agreement are the exclusive right of the Bezanson Agricultural Society within its direction, bylaws or governing Agreements at its sole discretion and option. The Renter shall comply with all municipal, provincial and federal laws, regulations and bylaws, and will obtain at its own expense any and all insurance, permits, licenses, and approvals.
  4. The Renter will not permit any damage to occur to the Facility and will leave the premises in the same condition or
    substantially the same condition as when the Renter entered the Facility for the Function.
  5. Rights and Responsibilities of the Owner: During the Function, the Owner will permit the Renter to use the Facility for
    permitted activities and for no other purpose whatsoever, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. The Owner
    will retain control of the Facility and the Owner will not unreasonably interfere with the Renter’s use and enjoyment of the
    Facility. The Facility will be available to the Renter’s agents, servants, employees and invitees in accordance with the policies of the Owner relating to such use.
  6. In the event the Renter undertakes or permits any activity within the Facility or the Facility Grounds, which activities may be  a nuisance or cause property damage or may cause personal injury, or in the event the Renter is in default of any of the terms and conditions herein, the Owner may terminate this Agreement forthwith immediately. The Owner will permit and conduct  only lawful and publicly acceptable activities as determined by the Society, County bylaw, rules, regulations and policies of health, fire or other municipal office, agencies, departments, the Alberta Liquor Control Board and/or local police department.
  7. In the event the Damage Deposit received is not sufficient to provide or pay for repairs, liabilities or replacements, as
    required due to abuse, damage or destruction as a result of Renters use, loss or abuse of any of Bezanson Agricultural Society property, the Society at its sole direction, option and using trades of its selection, shall receive quotations or estimates for such damage repairs from such approved trades. The Renter must pay for all damage to the Owner’s property including furnishings, however caused, arising out of or during the use under this contract. Any repairs or damages shall be administrated and directed by the Society. Future rental contracts will not be considered for any user that has an outstanding account with the Owner.
  8. The Renter is fully responsible for any and all costs, losses, loss of future revenue incurred as a result of damage, nonavailability to other third parties and excess cleaning fees related to the event, however caused and by whomever, whether invited as a guest or uninvited as a visitor and whether with the permission of the Renter. Should any pre-existing damage exist, the Renter shall be responsible to report such damage to the Society representative as soon as it is discovered. The reporting of any pre-existing damage does not replace or lessen the responsibility or obligation to report any further damage or to minimize or mitigate such damage.
  9. The Renter shall make themselves aware of the nearest emergency exits.
  10. The Owner, its directors, officers and agents will not be held responsible or liable for any theft, loss or damage of property of the Renter left on the premises during and after the event, its agents, employees, servants or invitees, however so caused.
  11. Alcohol consumption is allowed on the premises only in compliance of AGLC regulations and with proof of liquor permit and Host Liquor Liability insurance prior to the function. A copy of the permit must be submitted to the facility prior to the
    function and must be posted during the function. Alcohol may be consumed within the contracted rented area only.
  12. If the Renter does not vacate the Society’s premises by the time defined in the Agreement, the Society by its authorized
    agent, or its authorized party which shall be deemed to include any Federal, Provincial or County Law Enforcement Agency or the County Fire Chief or its officers, reserves the right, privilege and without prejudice to order verbally or in writing that the property be vacated. In the event the premises are not vacated as per the Agreement, a penalty of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars shall be charged, accessed and or deducted from the Damage Deposit or invoiced as a receivable pursuant to this Agreement and subject to collection.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in Owner facilities. Smoking of tobacco is allowed on the grounds in the provided receptacles to
    dispose of cigarettes.
  14. No illegal drugs or cannabis products allowed on Bezanson Agricultural Society premises. This is private property.
  15. No animals are allowed in any of the Owner facilities. The exception may be Service animals (Identification Card must be
  16. Security: Events where anticipated attendance exceeds 300 people or where alcohol is available may require additional
    security services. The need will be assessed by Management and will include an additional charge. All security services will be provided by the Owner. In the event of youth or underage event, additional security may be required. The Renter will provide adequate chaperones for the youth event with prior authorization from the Owner.
  17. Decorations: The facility and facility grounds must be left cleaned up at the end of the contract date. All decorations,
    supplies and equipment and/or debris must be removed at the conclusion of the event.
    a) Display material, banners, promotional signs, etc. shall not be attached in any way to the building structure, including
    walls, ceiling, electrical fixtures, etc.
    b) Latex and/or helium balloons are prohibited unless special written permission is granted by Owner Management.
    c) Tables and chairs cleaned, wiped, dried & put away in designated storage area
    d) All garbage cans must be emptied and garbage put in the dumpster.
    e) Memorial Hall: The renter will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and putting away all dishes, pots & pans and
    utensils. Minimum 2 hour cleaning fee will be deducted from Damage Deposit if not in compliance.
    f) Due to fire regulations, hay/straw bales are not to be used within the facility.
    g) All decorations must meet fire regulations. Candles with open flame are not permitted. Candles in an enclosed
    container (ie/votive) are acceptable if the tip of the flame is minimum one inch below the lip of the container or as
    County of Grande Prairie Fire regulations.
    h) No confetti or confetti-like substances allowed in the Bezanson Agricultural Society facilities. Cleanup charges will
    apply if they are used.
    i) No fireworks permitted.
    j) Outdoor fires only permitted in designated camping areas with portable firepits and if there is no fire ban. Bezanson
    Agricultural Society will carry the fire permit.
  18. Contracted Services: The Renter shall be directed to work with a preferred facility contractor whenever possible. The
    Renter is responsible for all costs associated with the use of the contractor. Contracted services include but are not limited to Lighting, Electrical, Internet, Computer, Satellite, Catering and Food Services, Decorating, Audio Visual and Show contractors. Written permission to work with any contracted service is required 120 prior to the facility rental date.
  19. Ticket Sales: The Renter is responsible for acquiring all licenses required for the sale of admission tickets at an event.
    Written approval must be obtained from the Owner for any admission charges.\
  20. Sponsorship and Signage displays must have written approval from the Owner. Any signage/displays must remain in the
    area of the event and cannot cover any existing sponsorship due to Owner sponsorship agreements. Renter may not use the Owner logo for promotions and advertising without prior written permission from the Owner.
  21. The Renter will, at all times, indemnify and save harmless the Owner, and its directors, officers and agents, from and
    against all actions, claims, demands, suits, proceedings, damages, costs (including without restricting the generality of the foregoing, legal costs on a solicitor/client basis), and any further associated expenses that have been brought, made or incurred by or against the Owner, and its directors, officers and agents, by reason of, or arising out of, or in any way related to the Facility by the Renter, its agents, employees, invitees or contractors except where the action, claim, demand, cost or expense was caused by intentional acts or gross negligence of the Renter.