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Skating Rink

The outdoor skating rink, located next to the Bezanson school, was completed in 2016 to be enjoyed by both the school students and members of the Bezanson community. During the winter months, the rink is flooded by the Bezanson Recreational Society, and during the summer months the rink can be used for ball hockey, skateboarding, etc.

This multi-year project was initiated by the Bezanson Recreational Society, and was funded through Society fundraising, sponsorships, grants, and proceeds from fundraising events. Grants and major funders included the County of Grande Prairie, Weyerhaeuser, Swan City Rotary Club Cash and Camping Lottery, Peace Wapiti School Board, and local community members and businesses – thank you for your support!

Usage Guidelines

The skating rink is a community project and is to be taken care of by the community. We need your support to keep this facility clean, safe, and in good repair. Please help us maintain this facility observing the following guidelines:

  • School students are given priority access between 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Public members of Bezanson community are free to use the facility outside of those hours.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises at any time!
  • Helmets are strongly recommended.
  • Please keep the gates and doors closed when not in use.
  • No drinks or food on the ice surface or boards.
  • If the garbages are full, please take it out to the dumpster located nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions 

“How can I help with maintenance?”
The rink is maintained by local volunteers, and your support would be much appreciated! If you are interested in helping with work bees or flooding the ice, please contact any member of the Bezanson Recreational Society, or email

“How do the lights work?”
The lights are on a timer system and will run for approximately 90 minutes. The timer buttons are located on the east end of the rink, and also near the skate shack.