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Bezanson School Advisory Council

The Bezanson School Advisory Council is a group of parents, the principal, teachers and community representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning in Bezanson School. They provide a method for members of the school community to consult with and offer advice to the principal and the school board.

Parents play a vital role in student success and can participate in decisions that impact student learning through school council. By contributing knowledge, perspective and ideas at school council meetings, parents are actively contributing to school community and school district success.

The Government of Alberta recognizes the value of parents and the community in the education of children, and by law requires school councils in every school operated by a school board in Alberta.

Bezanson School Advisory Council:

  • focuses on what is best for all students in the school
  • considers the interests of all school stakeholders
  • develops, maintains and reflects the culture of the school
  • represents the parent voice in the school community

If you are interested in participating in the Bezanson School Advisory Council, please contact principal Stephen Clark.