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Leadership Class of 2016

The grade 7 Bezanson school students are following the example of the generations before them to become active participants in the community. Mrs. Schmidt’s leadership class is designed to allow students the time to take on extra projects in the school and community to better themselves and those around them.

Students will be taking on different kinds of projects including contributing to our new local website, Students will participate as authors writing stories about what’s happening in the community and in the school.

“Community it huge in Bezanson” says teacher Mrs. Schmidt. “These kids see their parents contributing and they want to take ownership and be part of it too.”

The leadership class and the school both are excited to become active contributors to the website. Students will be able to work on their writing and presentation skills, work with technology, discover the use of social media for marketing and interact with peers & the community in a positive way.

As an added bonus to students learning and growing, we the community get an insight into their views and visions of the future as they grow into our new community leaders!

Watch for new posts coming soon!