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Post Offices From the Past

Charles Binks – Postmaster 1916 – 1917
Charles Binks originally from England and later Ontario, arrived in the Glen Leslie District and filed a homestead application on NW 8-72-4-W6. He was appointed “Postmaster” on May 1, 1916 – a position he held until March 28, 1917 when he resigned. Charles had operated a small store along with the Post Office from his residence on the property. In 1916, the salary of the Postmaster was $35 a year. Charles and his wife, Bessie, eventually moved to BC followed by a move to Washington State and then to California before returning to Washington. Mrs. Binks passed away in 1966 and George in 1973.

Current location in 2020 of where the Kleskun Hill Post Office was located when operated by Charles Binks

Anna Tempest – Postmaster 1917 – 1940
Mrs. Anna Tempest was appointed “Postmaster” on November 9, 1917.

Anna & George Tempest in front of their home which also housed the Post Office
Group in front of the original Tempest home that housed the Kleskun Hill Post Office

George Tempest, originally from Ohio, had moved to South Dakota where he farmed. He arrived in the Peace River District in 1913 by means of the Athabasca Trail and subsequently filed on NE 23-72-4-W6 in the Kleskun Hill area. Anna arrived in 1915. In 1917 the books and records of the Kleskun Hill Post Office were moved to the George Tempest farm.
In 1934, the Tempest’s built a new home which housed the Post Office as well.

Tempest House & Post Office located within Grande Prairie Museum’s Heritage Village
“Mail Slot Box” that was rebuilt to replicate what the original would have looked like

George passed away in 1937 and Anna in 1940. Both are buried at the Glen Leslie Cemetery.
The Kleskun Hill Post Office closed to Rural Route service on May 21, 1940. The building was donated to the Grande Prairie Museum in 1974 by Albert Klimach and completely restore by 1976.

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