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Written by Wanda Zenner September 2020

Glen Leslie is an unincorporated locality in Northwest Alberta within the County of Grande Prairie No. 1. It is approximately 20 km east of Grande Prairie on Highway 670. The area is known for the Glen Leslie Church which was designated as a Provincial Historic Resource and the Glen Leslie Cemetery.

Thomas Leslie – Postmaster 1914-1919

Thomas & Margaret Leslie and their 3 adult sons; Norman, Ed & Bruce, left Roslin, Ontario and arrived at Grande Prairie and filed homestead applications on land east of the town. They filed in such close proximity to each other that the area became known as “The Glen of the Leslie’s” which was later shortened to “Glen Leslie”.

A large two story log home was built on the Norman’s homestead (NW 25-72- 4-W6) and Thomas and Margaret also moved into the house. The home was on the Bezanson Townsite to Grande Prairie Trail and became a stopping place for many travelers. On July 1, 1914 a Post Office was established in Norman’s house and named “Glen Leslie”. Thomas Leslie was appointed Postmaster. He resigned on January 13, 1919.

Norman Leslie home that housed the Glen Leslie Post Office 1914-1921

In February 1920, Thomas and Margaret decided to move back to the farm in Queensborough, Ontario. Thomas passed away in 1941 and Margaret in 1960. Both are buried in the Queensborough Cemetery.

Norman Leslie – Postmaster 1920-1921

Norman had enlisted in the Army in 1915 and was wounded and returned home in 1919. On June 30, 1920, Norman was appointed Postmaster – a position he kept until February 22, 1921 at which time he moved his family to Dimsdale to operate a store and Post Office. The Leslie’s later retired to Grande Prairie. Norman passed away in 1972 and Gladys in 1983. Both are buried at the Glen Leslie Cemetery.

Minnie Bryenton – Postmaster 1922-1928

Ken Morrison, who owned a store at the Bezanson Townsite, decided to dismantle the building and use the material to build a store on property (NW 36-71-4-W6) owned by his daughter and son-in-law, Dorothy and Ed Leslie. His sister-in-law, Minnie Bryenton was appointed Postmaster on July 28, 1922. Minnie decided to move to Calgary and resigned on March 22, 1928. Minnie, who had married Sam Turner, passed away in 1946 and is buried at the Glen Leslie Cemetery.

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