In the 1950’s the area in Bezanson was thriving and it’s student population growing. In 1955, in true Bezanson spirit, farmers of the Bezanson district gathered together on their own time to build a teacherage to attract new teachers to the area.   In 1957 the County School Committee, having finally acceded to the ratepayers requests to move to “centralization of schools” in the district, opened the brand new 4 room “Bezanson School” with running water, lighting, and even a science lab.

Mr. Andruski, Superintendent of Schools at that time, was quoted as saying:

“A good building alone is not going to provide a good education itself. We must have dedicated teachers and co-operation of parents.”

“Credit for this school goes to the parents and citizens of Bezanson – only because you have given your support to the County and School Committee as a whole.” (Herald Tribune – Oct 25, 1957)

Many of our Grandparents and our parents were the pioneers, the builders of our community, our consolidated school, our Memorial Hall, our BEZANSON! They set the bar high many years ago, but here we are 60 years later, a community of dedicated volunteers, committed parents and teachers, powerful community builders, still as strong as ever!


And so August 26 & 27/2017 we “Celebrate Bezanson” – the past, the present, and the future!



Donna McNally

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