Bezanson History- Did You Know?

A.M. Bezanson was born in 1878 in Halifax, NS and grew to be an adventurer, in his own words. In his booklet, The Peace River Trail, he referred to the large, sparsely settled area in Alberta as “The Last West.” It was to this area another transcontinental railway was to be built from Winnipeg to Edmonton and then to the Last West before heading to the Pacific.

It was into this area Mr. Bezanson arrived in 1906 and when he wrote The Peace River Trail, it was used as advertising and promotion of the area as far away as China. It was a book that was meant to provide information about this beautiful and bountiful land for home seekers. A. M. Bezanson spent 1906 travelling the area, gathering information, promoting the settlement of the Peace River area.


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