Local Football Player Receives Recognition

Local student athlete Carter LaValley who plays for the Peace Wapiti Titans is getting recognition for his football for his past 2018/2019 fall season. During his high school football season as a Titan, Carter had 285 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns in a total of 5 games. He attended the Golden Bears Skill camp on January 6-8 of this year as well as the Top Prospects Combine, on January 7, the Top Prospects Elite Combine Series is a nationwide invitation only combine for football. These combines are only open to prospects in the class of  2020, 2021 and 2022. The only way to register for the combine is to be invited. Carter and three other player from the Titans attended the combine. He had a great season this year and is excited about the upcoming season, “This season went pretty good we had our ups and downs but it didn’t end up going our way so we will be back next year for a better year.” LaValley said.

His older brother, Mason LaValley another local student athlete was recognized as the “Distinguished Player Award for Special Teams” at the Peace Wapiti Titans Football Banquet on November 23. Mason was one of the seniors on the team as well as his cousin Cole LaValley. All the seniors on the team were recognized as this was their last and final season as a Titan. Carter was recognized as “MVP” for the team. And he also tied for the “Titans of Tomorrow” award that acknowledges leadership and character. Carter is a phenomenal leader for teams that he’s played on and that he’s always encouraging others to do their best.  

Carter has been an athlete since grade 6 at Bezanson School and continued on into high school onto both the Titans football and basketball teams. Since grade 10 Carter has been a student athlete at Peace Wapiti Academy and he says he enjoys it, “ My teachers are always helpful giving me any assignments ahead of time, for the days I’ll be missing due to my sports and I really love the sports and the guys I play them with, they are really the best.”

Written by: Netisha Zacharias

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