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Establishment of Experimental Plots In the Peace Country

Contrary to popular belief, the first experimental plots were not implemented at Beaverlodge but were commenced near the Bezanson Townsite on the Smoky flats by Sidney J. Webb in 1910 – a full five years before plots were established at Beaverlodge. On one of his trips to Ottawa during the winter of 1909 – 1910 […]

Dorothy (Robillard) Bezanson : Grave Marked After 105 Years

Dorothy (Robillard) Bezanson was born on November 16, 1879. The September 11, 1907 edition of the “Edmonton Daily” reported” “Miss Dorothy Robillard, daughter of Dr. Robillard of Ottawa and an honour graduate of the New York Hospital arrived from the east this morning to take up private nursing in the capital of Alberta”. While staying […]

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