Fenton Greenhouses – Bezanson's Local Greenhouse

Fenton Greenhouses – Bezanson’s Local Greenhouse
Address: 725026B Rgrd35 County of GP No. 1
Phone: (780) 567-2107
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Fenton-Greenhouses-359148614225221/

Photo Credit: Fenton Greenhouses

Fenton Greenhouses is a local family owned and operated business in the Bezanson area, it is a seasonal operation through the beginning of March to mid June. The greenhouses are owned by the Fenton family and it is run by Bruce Fenton and other staff members from all around the community. The staff at this facility are extremely caring, always have a smile on their faces and will always put their customers first.  

“I love my job. In the middle of snow and cold I work in the dirt and plants. Fenton Greenhouses hires local people and are a great employer” says employee Janet Sarmaga.

Photo Credit: Fenton Greenhouses

This local business have been running for just over 30 years and it all began with small houses for Helen Fentons own use. Then she began selling plants to her neighbours and the community. There are presently five greenhouses, however during the season four are used for baskets to be hung and plants to be arranged on tables. The fifth house is a custom house where all of the custom orders are placed and held.

On Sunday May 27, 2018 there was a devastation at the greenhouses in the early morning. The main house, also known as the till house, had a blaze. The cause of the blaze is still unknown. This fire burned through the greenhouse causing many plants and flowers to die. Any hanging baskets that were still alive were moved into a different house to be watered and to get the care they needed. As well as any flowers that had made it through the fire were watered, rinsed and placed outside to get some fresh air and for customers to purchase. The staff is working hard to clean up the rest of the debris and to get back to normal. The greenhouses are still open for business during their hours.

Fenton Greenhouses still offers a wide variety of plants. They offer many different types of herbs and vegetables, for example they sell cucumbers, green peppers, hot peppers, celery, tomatoes and many different others. As well as an incredibly large range of flowers to choose from, they have roses, petunias, geraniums, sunflowers, begonias, succulents, spikes, carnations, lavender plants, marigolds, and many more.  You must hurry in at the begining to make sure you get them before they’re all gone! They also sell beautiful arrangements of baskets and pots which are extremely popular in the area.

Photo Credit: Sherry Gillard

“I’ve been there [Fentons] three times this week.  Best staff ever. I planted my celery that I bought there on Tuesday when it was 31 degrees and by my own fault it wilted and died.  So I went back to get more on Saturday. I was telling the 2 ladies what I stupidly did and they took the time give me some awesome advice.  Plant in the evening when it’s cool out for one. But she told me to cut up bits of pantyhose and place on the bitten of the celery. It keeps it protected from the heat and keeps it tightly bunched while it stabilizes after planting.  I also bought 4 more of their giant plants. Then some corn and I’ve never had success with it. But after she explained in great detail how to group it I think it will be good. You just don’t get this kind of amazing service and the time and advice they give. I’ve been planting a garden for 10 years and always go to the big box stores. Never again. This place is a total hidden gem. The young ladies even fertilized all my hanging baskets before I took them and carried everything to my truck. I’ve been telling everyone about his awesome place. I’ll never buy my plants anywhere else.”
~Sherry Gillard, Customer

To keep the kids occupied while mom and dad are picking out their flowers for the flower bed at home, FentonsGreenhouses has a few animals the kids can be amused by. The kids love petting the dogs, baby sheep, and looking at the baby chicks and rabbit, and occasionally petting the horses there. Kids will sit and enjoy these animals until mom and dad have finished their shopping.

Fentons is a great place to buy any of your gardening needs, whether it be veggies, flowers, pots, hanging baskets, and many more. You can check them out by visiting their Facebook page, or calling them at (780) 567-2107.

Written by Netisha Zacharias



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