Gold at Nationals

Recently, Bezanson local Jason Cote accomplished an incredible goal in his Outdoor Power and Recreational Equipment Skills Competitions. After placing first in regionals and provincials, Jason continued on to nationals and came out with another first place in his competition.

Cote first went to school at Bezanson School and continued onto Peace Wapiti Academy where he represented the Titans in this skills competition. He began at Peace Wapiti Academy in 2015, making this his graduation year. Cote’s future plans include going to Fairview in order to start his Heavy-Duty Mechanics career. Some of Jason’s hobbies include quadding, fixing his quad and fixing his truck.

Last year, Cote made it to provincials and got silver. Although he did not qualify for nationals, the individual that placed first was unable to attend Nationals so Cote went. Cote competed in Nationals and came out with another silver. Cote says, “After seeing what was at nationals last year, I could prepare and practice the skills, that I was not so good at, coming into this year.”

In order to get to Nationals this year, Cote first competed in the regional competition where he received a first-place win. He then moved on to the provincial competition in Edmonton where he received, yet another, first place. Cote returned to Edmonton and competed in the Nationals competition where he received first place and is currently titled the best in Canada for his category! This all began from the practice and hard work that Cote put in previously to these competitions. Hard work does pay off, and it feels incredible. Cote says, “It felt so amazing to win Nationals and everyone was so encouraging when going to Nationals!”


Written by Ally Pilgrim

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