Locals Participating in the Alberta Summer Games Basketball

Locals Participating in the Alberta Summer Games Basketball

From July 19th to July 22nd, young athletes all across Alberta will be competing in multiple sports in one incredible event, the Alberta Summer Games. This event holds many events from swimming to baseball to basketball and more. This year, the Zone 8 Alberta Summer Games Women’s Basketball team, holds 5 of our Bezanson locals. This team is coached by Lisa Deneault and Linnaea Vanderzwan.

Danika Cadieux

Danika is one of the 5 members of the Alberta Summer Games basketball team from Bezanson. She also plays U16 Peace Country Thunder Basketball, U14 GPRC Wolves Volleyball, and Bezanson Bulldogs badminton, track, volleyball and basketball. Danika says, “I’m very excited about the summer games because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I love my team and would not want a different team.” After being asked about the team dynamic, Danika says, “Our team bonds really well and we all like each other.” She will be continuing at Bezanson School this upcoming year and we can not wait to see what she does in her future sporting career!

“Danika pours her heart into every step she makes on the floor. She strives to better herself and is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone and try a new skill or technique. An athletic guard who can shoot the ball or take it hard to the basket with a nice little step around.”

 -Coach Lisa Deneault


Taniesha Humbke

Another one of the 5 locals, Taniesha Humbke (green jacket in photo), will be playing on the Summer Games team. Tanisha also plays on the Junior Wolves club volleyball team and the Peace Country Thunder basketball team. She also enjoys riding her horse, swimming and just having fun! Taniesha says, “I am extremely excited for the Summer Games! I have such an awesome team to make memories with and to have a great time with!” After asking Taniesha how the team dynamic is she says, “Our team is very close. We can talk with everyone and I feel like we have grown closer from the first time we met!” We cannot wait to see what Taniesha does on this team and in her future athletic career.

“Taniesha is a true team player who always has a smile on her face and wanting to learn more. She is able to joke around but when the time comes she is an aggressive competitor on the floor. She is always looking to push herself and her teammates to get better.”

-Coach Lisa Deneault

Chloe Hatch

Chloe Hatch is another Alberta Summer Games Basketball and a Peace Country Thunder player. Chloe plays under the coaching of Joel Muller which she says, “is an awesome coach and is fun to play for!” On top of basketball, Chloe’s other hobbies include playing volleyball, reading and traveling. After asking Chloe about how she felt about the upcoming games, she exclaims, “I am very excited for Summer Games because it is a new learning experience for me and I will get to meet new people. It is going to be an awesome experience for me and it will help me become a better player.” She also says, “I love our team because we all get along very well and we easily bonded. All of the girls are very fun to play with and our whole team is really good friends. Our team is always happy and we don’t really fight about anything. It is really fun to be around the team because there is never a dull moment.” Chloe will be back at Bezanson School this upcoming year and we cannot wait to see what she does next!

“Chloe has a competitive mindset and goes out on the floor striving to better herself and her teammates. She continually has a smile on her face and continually asking for things to make her a better player. Chloe is a teammate that is approachable and leads by example on the team.”

-Coach Lisa Deneault

Laurel van der Giessen

Laurel van der Giessen (second from the left in the photo), is yet another Peace Country Thunder and Alberta Summer Games player. She played under Joel Mueller, along with the rest of these girls and says, “It was a great season and I feel that I improved a lot!” Her hobbies also include riding horses, hanging out with her friends and going to basketball practice. After asking about how their season is going so far, Laurel says, “I am really looking forward to the Summer Games and I enjoyed getting to know my team! I love how our team has bonded and gotten to know each other so well.” We wish Laurel the best for her season and for her future basketball career!

“Laurel is a small but fiesty competitor who is not afraid to give it her all. Although Laurel is quiet she is able to motivate through example and continually tries new skills until she has mastered it. Laurel has a fire that lights up every time she steps on the floor and does not stop until the final buzzer has gone.”

-Coach Lisa Deneault


Mia Wilson

Mia, another Bezansonite, also played on the U13 Peace Country Thunder and the Alberta Summer Games team. Mia also enjoys doing nails, hair and makeup as well as animals, the outdoors, acting, baseball, badminton, music and volleyball. After asking about her team this year, Mia explains, “I love that our team has such a close bond and we can have the ability to work together. We have such different personalities, and we also have many different positions on the court. However, our unique personalities and ability to play these different positions works to our advantage. My favourite thing about the team, is the people on it. While playing for this team I have created so many new friends.” We wish Mia the best in her future sports endeavours!

“Mia shows up every practice competing and asking questions to better her skills. Mia soaks up any advice given to her and is not afraid to be competitive in practice. Come game time Mia never gets down and will continually go out and battle those boards.”

-Coach Lisa Deneault

Let’s support our young female basketball players from July 19th to 22nd. For more information and to find the schedule, go to https://albertasport.ca/alberta-games/summer-games/sports/.

The Alberta Summer Games is still looking for volunteers as well, so if you have some spare time to volunteer, head to https://albertagames.rampinteractive.com/public/volunteerreg.aspx.

Written by Ally Pilgrim

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