Male Athletes in the Alberta Summer Games

Bezanson is striving with athletes in the community, from basketball to baseball to kayaking and so much more. On top of our local Alberta Summer Games basketball girls, we have multiple other athletes participating in the Games. Gage and Lane are two of the other athletes participating in this games from the Bezanson Community.

Gage LaValley

Gage LaValley, a Bulldog alumni, is a multi-sport athlete who has played volleyball, basketball and competed in track at Bezanson School as a Bulldog. He has also played for the Sexsmith Shamrocks football team and he hopes to play on the high school basketball team as he ventures on to Peace Wapiti Academy in the fall. His hobbies include snowboarding, dirtbiking and whitewater kayaking.

Gage will be attending the Alberta Summer Games in the kayaking/canoeing events. This includes canoe polo, slalom, and the downriver race. For those who don’t know much about these events, the canoe polo event is an exciting event and Gage says, “you’re always on the go.” The Slalom event is an event where you have to, “race through gates that are on a river where you have to move as slickly and as fast as you can get through the gates, in as little time as possible,” while the Downriver event is where you have to, “race on a reservoir where you have to go a certain distance as fast as possible on the flat water.”

“I am very excited for the summer games and my favourite part so far is attending the pre summer games kayak/canoe camp. I have really enjoyed learning more about canoe polo from all the great coaches. My hope is to go home with any kind of medal  from the games and an excited to get some actual experience playing canoe polo  against other teams. I also look forward to making new friendships and just the whole summer games experience.”

-Gage LaValley

We wish this future Titan the best of luck in his events this upcoming weekend and in his future endeavors!

Lane Moody

Another Bezanson alumni, Lane Moody, will be participating in the Alberta Summer Games, but in a different sport!

Lane played basketball at Bezanson as a Bulldog. His hobbies included playing baseball and basketball. Although Lane will be moving on from the small town school, he will be moving to the big high school next year at Peace Wapiti Academy to become a Titan.

Lane will be playing baseball in the Alberta Summer Games. He plays short-stop, 3rd base and he is also a pitcher. Lane is very excited about the summer games and he says, “My favourite part so far is how the team has come together.” The summer games is an incredible way for young athletes from all over Alberta because they get to meet new people and they also get to grow and develop as individual athletes. Lane says that he, “hopes to get a great learning experience” out of the games and he, “hopes to develop more as a ball player.”

We wish this Bezanson alumni, and future Titan, lots of luck in the games and for the future athletic career to come!

Carter Brick

13 year old Carter Brick is also participating in the Alberta Summer Games. Carter will be playing on the Zone 8 Boys soccer team as a right midfielder. His other hobbies include badminton, archery, hunting, paintballing and airsoft guns. Carter has been a member of the Game Country Archers for around 5 years.

Carter says, “I was very excited to be picked to be a part of this team. We have a good team of players and coaches!” He also says, My favourite part of the summer games is playing with my team. I also like when we watch the other teams.” After playing at a high level like the Alberta Summer Games, Carter hopes, “to get more soccer experience.”

Carter will be continuing onto Grade 8 at Bezanson School this year and we wish him the best in his future career.

Written by Ally Pilgrim

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